Committed to Your Success

The promised benefits of any technology 'solution' don't happen automatically. It takes dedicated effort. That's why our beverage management solution includes full service and support.

Capton commits to the following:


Your initial investment in the Capton system will be repaid within months, not years. We can make this guarantee because we work hard to understand your business, and design and implement a system that is tailored appropriately for each property. In addition, we will structure your ongoing support and monitoring fees to ensure a meaningful positive return on your investment.

Set Metrics for Measurement

Together we will set metrics for each property each year, based on conservative assumptions. That way you can know for certain how well the Capton system is helping you achieve your operational goals.

Monitoring & Reporting

We will provide timely and clear reports that make information more readily available. We will review performance at the outlet, property and portfolio levels, offering insights and recommendations for improvement. And we will combine the data we generate with inventory and other relevant data you provide, to give you a comprehensive picture of your operations.

A Partnership Approach

Achieving your operational goals requires focus and dedication. That's why we approach each client engagement as a partnership. With our monitoring and reporting services, we remain closely involved with your beverage operations throughout our relationship.


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