System Configuration & Implementation

Design, installation, and configuration of the Capton system is critical to achieving your desired results. That's why we take it so seriously.

Each implementation of the Capton system is slightly different. That's because each location is slightly different. But the implementation process is the same each and every time.

System Design & Installation

Our team starts by working closely with managers and staff at each property to understand the unique requirements of the chosen outlet. Then we design an installation of the Capton system that will work optimally in that location. How large is the outlet? How many stations? Is there room for the receiver out front, or would it be better situated in a back room, with a line connecting its antenna? Are there other systems already in use? If so, should we integrate with any third-party applications?

Set Success Metrics

You will need to give us your pour standards and any relevant beverage operations data we can use to create performance metrics. (Inventory data is optional, and allows us to track your costs more closely.) We take it from there, setting up the hardware and software to match your operational requirements, and configuring the system for optimal performance in each of your outlets.

Best Practices / Training

Once installed, your system will be ready to collect data. The Capton spouts are designed to pour just like any other free-pour spout, which means your bartenders likely will not need to make any changes to their pouring routines. Some basic procedures must be followed, of course, such as making sure spouts stay on bottles. To train bar staff conveniently, we have created a series of training videos, available online 24/7.


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