Understand Your Operation. Maximize Your Profits. Real-time Reports Ensure Accountability.

You don't have time to sort through mountains of data. We provide timely and intelligble reports so you can give your staff immediate feedback.

In the hospitality business you invest your time in people, interacting with your team members and serving clients — not sitting in front of a computer analyzing operational data. But cost pressures are increasing and clients' expectations are higher than ever. Which means you must manage expenses and margins closely. At Capton we help you uncover the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Are you maximizing your profit on each bottle? Are your staff members pouring to standard? What shifts are most productive? Are some brands more profitable than others? These are just a few of the questions we can help you answer, to better deploy operational assets and human capital. The cumulative result is what we call the Capton Efficiency Rating, a simple score-based measure of how well your operation is performing, relative to your internal goals and against your peers.


Pouring to Standards
Pouring standards. You have them. But how well are your bartenders meeting them? This most basic of measurements is at the heart of the Capton beverage management system. It's a notoriously tricky measurement to record, and our advanced algorithms — refined over thousands of pour transactions working with dozens of leading hotels, bars and restaurants — capture pour data to hundredths of an ounce. Once you know your bartenders' pouring performance you can make adjustments to behavior and other operational factors.


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