The Capton Digital Pour Spout

Find out how to master your bar inventory with Capton's liquor pourers and inventory app.

Stop your bar from losing money. Track every pour.

Give your hospitality guests a more consistent experience, and reduce the gap between your theoretical and actual costs, using real-time pour data combined with your inventory and POS data.

Happier Customers

Consistent liquor pours to every guest, every time.

Greater Visibility

Track performance by brands, shifts, outlets, regions, more.

Reduce Variance

Reduce pour variance through real-time data.

Lower Costs

Reduce liquor costs to where they should be.


Intelligence at a Glance

Capton's charts and graphs let you see at a glance how well your operation is performing. Track pour costs, accuracy, missing spouts, and more. And stay in the know, with alerts tied to key performance indicators.

Pour Accuracy

Pouring standards. You have them. But how well are your bartenders meeting them? It's a notoriously tricky measurement to record, and our advanced algorithms — refined over tens of millions of pour transactions working with leading hotels, bars, and restaurants — capture pour data to hundredths of an ounce. Once you know your bartenders' pouring performance you can provide feedback that results in adjustments to behavior.

Variance Reporting

Connected to your POS system, Capton compares its pour measurements with sales information entered into the POS — giving you the critical data and insights that allow you to close the gap between theoretical and actual performance. Track pour costs by brand, shift, outlet, and more. Compare performance over time, between shifts and venues, and relative to your benchmarks.

Spout Tracking

Keeping the Capton spouts engaged on bottles is the key to getting the most from your investment. Notifications and alerts can be set to let you know if spouts remain off-bottle for an extended period of time, or if a spout is being taken off its bottle repeatedly.

Now You Can Be Everywhere

Capton's wireless free-pour spout is more than a liquor dispensing device. It's your eyes and ears, quietly recording and reporting every pour of every shift at every location.

  • Cloud-Based

    Wireless pour spouts link to powerful cloud-based software that analyzes liquor usage and provides meaningful business intelligence.

  • Wireless, Free-Pour

    The Capton spouts use an industry-standard chrome nozzle, so your bartenders won’t need to make any changes to their pouring routines.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Automated reports provide key metrics and activities: business intelligence that helps you maximize yield and improve efficiency.

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