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Capton Basics
No. Capton is a free-pour system that allows you to pour as much liquor as you want. It does not restrict or control pours.
No. The unobtrusive Capton system works like your current pour spouts. Bartenders simply pour a drink and the information in the spouts is wirelessly transmitted to the Capton receiver.
No. The Capton system can cover your entire bar operation by simply placing a wireless spout on each and every liquor bottle you wish to monitor.
Yes. Each spout can be programmed to work with any brand or liquor type.
Yes. The spout maintains pouring accuracy even with thick liquids.
No. You only need one receiver for any size bar. If you have multiple bar areas, you simply install an antenna in each bar and connect them to the receiver.
The Capton system captures data in real-time, so you can view your data in the Capton web interface at any time.
As soon as somebody removes a spout, the spout sends a signal to the receiver identifying when it was removed and when it was replaced.
Yes. Each spout has its own unique serial number so Capton will capture pour data from each spout.
Yes. You may add any new liquor types and brands to your Capton system via the web interface.
No. Capton transmits on a low-frequency AM band that will not interfere with any other electronic devices you may already have installed.
Yes. The unique spout number simply needs to be assigned to the new brand in the Capton software.
Spout Care
Our spouts are completely waterproof. Soak them briefly in warm, soapy water just as you would with your regular pour spouts. Do not put the spouts in the dishwasher.
Yes. We have several different cork sizes, which can be easily placed on an existing wireless spout.
Typically, the battery inside a Capton spout will last for three years.
No. The battery is sealed on the plastic housing to prevent water penetration and to prevent product tampering.
There is a battery voltage sensor in each spout. Every time it transmits the software records each spout's battery level. By running a Spout Battery Report you know which batteries are failing.


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