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Maximize your profits.
Track every pour.

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Happier Customers.
Higher Profits.

Cost pressures are increasing and guests' expectations are higher than ever. Which means you must manage expenses and margins closely.

Capton helps you take control of your bar operation, increasing customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

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Collect real-time pour data. Track by amount, brand, time, shift, and more.


Reduce pour variance. Increase guest satisfaction — and the bottom line.


Use pour data to spot areas for improvement through staff training and incentives.


Integrate with your POS and other systems for even greater visibility and control.

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Stop Taking Inventory Manually

Capton's wireless free-pour spout is more than a liquor dispensing device. It's your automated inventory management device, recording and reporting every pour of every shift at every location.

  • Cloud-Based

    Capton's digital pour spouts link to powerful cloud-based software that analyzes liquor usage for meaningful business intelligence.

  • Wireless, Free-Pour

    Wireless digital spouts use an industry-standard chrome nozzle, so your bartenders won’t need to change their pouring routines.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Automated reports provide key metrics and activities: business intelligence that helps you maximize yield and improve efficiency.

Trusted by Leading Hospitality Brands

High Pie Pizzeria

We increased pour accuracy and revenues almost immediately.

Hotel del Coronado

Capton delivers a fast ROI and does not become a management burden.

Mohegan Sun Casino

We have consistently reduced our liquor costs 1% to 2% every month.

Chumash Casino

Capton is exactly the right solution to trim waste and inefficiency.

Peabody Memphis

We have significantly reduced inventory costs and increased revenues.

Intercontinental Miami

We saw a drop in pouring averages of almost 37% in the first sixty days.

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